Annually, all improved lots/ parcels in Arrowbear need to comply with weed abatement measures to provide for fire defensible space around your property for your safety and for the safety of your neighbors.  The information shown below will assist you in cleaning your yards prior to the June 1st deadline of each year. See the County Website for fire prevention information.

State Responsibility Area (SRA) fees will be enforced this year.  Refer to the following link for additional information.

Effective immediately all outside burning, campfires, fire pits, outside welding, and outside hot work will be by Permit only.

As we are all aware, it is fire season almost year round in our mountain community and with drought conditions combined with abnormally low snow pack, the fuel moisture levels are dangerously low.

Due to recent agreements with CAL FIRE regarding their State Responsibility Area (SRA) within the Fire District of Arrowbear Lake, CAL FIRE will be issuing the permits required for any and all outside open fires, outdoor welding, or any other outdoor hot work in Arrowbear.

An open fire is described in the 2013 Edition of the California Fire Code, Section 307.1 thru 307.5. Welding and other hot work is described in 3501 thru 3509.

Portable outdoor fireplaces are described in Section 307.4.3. Portable outdoor fireplaces are allowed if used in accordance with the manufactures instructions, have a manufacturer provided spark arrestor, and are deemed safe by any responding Fire Agency including Arrowbear Lake Fire Department and or CAL FIRE. Qualified portable outdoor fireplaces do not require a permit. Portable outdoor fireplaces are NOT allowed on red flag days. To check if there is a red flag warning in effect, please visit: redflagwarning.php and click on our area on the California map.

NO EXCEPTIONS! Any and all outdoor fires including outdoor fireplaces will still be at the discretion of the Fire Department and if deemed unsafe, or left unattended will be extinguished immediately and the permit revoked.

To obtain a permit for open fires, welding, or any other outdoor hot work you can call:

CAL FIRE Running Springs Office: (909) 867-2680

Remember to please obtain your permit and be safe. By following these simple steps it will avoid an unwanted visit, or fine, by the Fire Department and will help keep us all safe.


Isaiah Hall, Fire Chief                                 ARROWBEAR LAKE FIRE DEPARTMENT                                          909-867-3479

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