The Regular Board Meeting for March 16th has been CANCELLED.

The next Regular Board Meeting will be held April 20th.

Annually, all improved lots/ parcels in Arrowbear need to comply with weed abatement measures to provide for fire defensible space around your property for your safety and for the safety of your neighbors.  The information shown below will assist you in cleaning your yards prior to the June 1st deadline of each year. See the County Website for fire prevention information.

To view the San Bernardino County fire hazard abatement map, click here:

Public Notices

Make sure to safely remove snow from around your gas meters (DO NOT use a shovel - USE a broom). Especially the vent as shown in the picture below! If they freeze over, they can cause pressure to force gas leaks in your house!

 Weed Abatement & Clearances