Arrowbear Park County Water District

Current Rates and Fees

Notification of Proposed Rate Increase

APCWD is proud of the fact that a feature article in the Mountain News proclaimed that the least expensive water supplied to mountain residents comes from Arrowbear Park County Water District.

Rates are effective December 19, 2018.

Listed below is a table indicating the current residential rate of charges:

Current Monthly Water/Sewer Rates

Current Monthly Water Rate                                      $30.50 
(includes 600 cu. ft. - 4,488 gal. water usage)

Current Rate over 600 cu. ft.:                                $.07/cu. ft. 
Current Monthly Sewer Rate                                   $41.00

TOTAL MONTHLY BASE CHARGES                       $71.50


The current water supply issues facing many water districts and municipalities in the State of California combined with the Governors declaration of drought has prompted the Arrowbear Park County Water District to evaluate its water conservation policy.  Research has shown that in many cases voluntary conservation can result in the desired reduction in demand that may be needed when water supplies become scarce, while in some cases, voluntary conservation may need to be supplemented with a pricing structure that influences behavior through economics, stabilizes revenues lost from conservation measures, and pays for the cost of purchasing higher cost water from outside sources. 

The Drought pricing structure is only implemented when three specific conditions existed: (1) Declaration of Drought by the Governor, (2) Declaration of Emergency by the Board of Directors of the Arrowbear Park County Water District, and (3) Purchase or anticipation of Purchase within the next thirty (30) days of water from outside the District. 

Customers are given one (1) billing cycle notice prior to the drought condition water rate implementation to allow them to adjust usage accordingly.

At a regular meeting of the APCWD Board of Directors on June 19, 2014 at 6:30pm at the District Office, 2365 Fir Drive, Arrowbear Lake, CA, A public hearing was held and after comments from the participating public, the APCWD Board adopted by resolution the following drought condition water rates.

Current Pricing*                                          

Water Minimum Rate      $      30.50         
Minimum Water Allowance  600 cu. ft.        
Cost per cu. ft. over allowance  $ .07       

Drought Pricing*

Water Minimum Rate           $          30.50

Minimum Water Allowance         480 cu. ft.

Cost per cu. ft. 481 - 600                  $ .07

Cost per cu. ft. 601 - 1000              $.077

Cost per cu. ft. 1001 - 1500            $.083
Cost per cu. ft. 1501 - 2000           $ .091
Cost per cu. ft. 2001+                    $.104


If the average customer using 600 cu. ft. (4,488 gallons) of water in a month reduces water use by twenty (20%) percent they will see no change to their monthly bill.  If they do not reduce their water use and continue to use 600 cu. ft. of water in a month, they will see a small increase of $8.40 to their monthly bill.

If a customer normally uses 1000 cu. ft. (7,480 gallons) of water in a month reduces water use by twenty (20%) percent they will see a decrease of $5.60 to their monthly bill.  If they do not reduce their water use and continue to use 1000 cu. ft. of water in a month, they will see a modest increase of $8.40 to their monthly bill.

*Current pricing (2018) is used, the Board reserves the right to adjust the normal water rates as dictated by cost to provide water services and as allowed by law.  If future rates are increased, the drought pricing model will use future rates to set drought pricing overage rates by multiplying the current overage rate by 100% for the first tier, 110% for the second tier, 120% for the third tier, 130% for the fourth tier, and 150% for the fifth tier.

Mandatory Restrictions & Penalties During Drought Pricing Conditions

No hose or irrigation system watering of outdoor landscaping.  Individual plants may be watered by hand using a pail or watering can using no more than one-half (1/2) gallon of water, per plant, per day.  New landscaping and other new planting shall be curtailed. There shall be no hose washing of vehicles, sidewalks, driveways, parking areas, patios, porches, decks, or verandas.

A Notice of Violation - The District has authority to notify offenders as to any violations of this policy and issue a Notice of Violation of the Water Conservation Policy.  The Notice will specify the violation and request compliance per the Policy in writing.

Penalties - Repeated violations of the policies contained herein will result in the following penalties:

First Violation After Notice of Violation              $100.00
Second Violation After Notice of Violation          $200.00
Third Violation After Notice of Violation             $300.00

Continued violations of the policy will result in discontinuance (shut-off) of water services to the property.  Properties where discontinuance (shut-off) of water services occurs due to water conservation policy violations will continue to accrue District approved minimum charges and be subject to the financial responsibility requirements detailed in the Rules and Regulations.