Current Rates and Fees

Rates are effective July 1, 2023 (for the July 2023 bill).

Listed below is a table indicating the current rates:

TYPE OF SERVICE                                     SERVICE CHARGE PER MONTH
Residential or Commercial Water Service:
Monthly Water Minimum Rate              ¾” Meter                           $      33.55         
Monthly Water Minimum Rate              1” Meter                            $      71.05          
Monthly Water Minimum Rate              1½” Meter                         $    142.10          
Monthly Water Minimum Rate              2” Meter                            $    227.36          
Monthly Water Minimum Rate              6” Meter                            $    376.00          

Cost per cu. ft. of actual water usage (1 cu. ft. = 7.48 gallons)     $          .03

Residential or Commercial Sewer Service:
Monthly Sewer Minimum Rate per Equivalent Dwelling Unit      $      44.28


RESIDENTIAL CUSTOMER WITH 3/4" METER                            $    77.83 + ACTUAL USAGE @ $ 0.03 PER CU. FT.


The current water supply issues facing many water districts and municipalities in the State of California combined with the Governor's declaration of drought has prompted the Arrowbear Park County Water District to evaluate its water conservation policy.  Research has shown that in many cases voluntary conservation can result in the desired reduction in demand that may be needed when water supplies become scarce, while in some cases, voluntary conservation may need to be supplemented with a pricing structure that influences behavior through economics, stabilizes revenues lost from conservation measures, and pays for the cost of purchasing higher cost water from outside sources. 

The following drought pricing structure and policy was adopted by the Arrowbear Park County Water District (APCWD) as part of Resolution #2022-10-20 on October 10, 2022.

 REQUIREMENTS FOR IMPLEMENTATION: The drought pricing structure would only be implemented when two specific conditions existed: (1) Declaration of Emergency by the Board of Directors of the Arrowbear Park County Water District as determined by factors including, but not limited to: precipitation levels, well levels, customer demand, and pumping capacity, and (2) Purchase or anticipation of purchase within the next thirty (30) days of water from outside the District to provide sufficient water supply to meet anticipated demand. Customers would be given one (1) billing cycle notice prior to the drought condition water rate implementation to allow them to adjust usage accordingly.

Drought Pricing Structure: In the event that a drought condition and both specific conditions exist described above; the following rates will be implemented, only while such conditions exist, to cover the cost of importing emergency water supplies and to assist in the conservation of District water supplies. Notification will be given to customers one (1) billing cycle in advance so they have the opportunity to curtail water usage prior to the drought rates going into effect. Notice will be given in printed material accompanying the monthly bill.

Drought Pricing: Water Usage Rate per cubic foot (Cu. ft.) will increase $0.02 per Cuft. (1 Cuft = 7.48 gallons)    

Mandatory Restrictions & Penalties During Drought Pricing Conditions: No hose or irrigation system watering of outdoor landscaping. Individual plants may be watered by hand using a pail or watering can using no more than one-half (1/2) gallon of water, per plant, per day. New landscaping and other new planting shall be curtailed. There shall be no hose washing of vehicles, sidewalks, driveways, parking areas, patios, porches, decks, or verandas.

A Notice of Violation: The District has authority to notify offenders as to any violations of this policy and issue a Notice of Violation of the Water Conservation Policy. The Notice will specify the violation and request compliance per the Policy in writing.

Penalties: Repeated violations of the policies contained herein will result in the following penalties:

First Violation after Notice of Violation           $ 100.00
Second Violation after Notice of Violation      $ 200.00
Third Violation after Notice of Violation          $ 300.00

Continued violations of the policy will result in discontinuance (shut-off) of water services to the property. Properties where discontinuance (shut-off) of water services occurs due to water conservation policy violations will continue to accrue District approved minimum charges and be subject to the financial responsibility requirements detailed in the Rules and Regulations. Resumption of water service will occur at the discretion of the General Manager upon assurances from the customer that violations will not occur and payment of any and all past due charges and penalties. General Manager determinations may be appealed upon written request to the Board of Directors and will be heard at the next regularly scheduled Board Meeting. Board decisions will be final.